Environ Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade Serum System (2 x 30ml)


This innovative serum system boasts a potent blend of vitamins and botanicals that assist in targeting the root causes of skin discoloration and helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and visible sun damage.

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The Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade Serum System is made up of two separate serums. These two serums fight against pigmentation by tackling the root cause of pigmentation and preventing further patches from developing. The Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade system uses a combination of intelligent ingredients to lighten and brighten as well as reducing hyperpigmentation, therefore leaving the skin radiant and more evenly toned.

Benefits and Skin Types

Combining two serums, Serum A & Serum B this system works by using lactic acid and complex botanicals to inhibit pigmentation developing, controlling damaged cells responsible for pigmentation development and lightens and brightens the overall appearance of the skin resulting in a noticeable reduction in darker spots.

Perfect For-

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven Skintone
  • Sundamage

How to Apply

  • Cleanse the skin with the appropriate cleanser for your skin
  • Tone (if recommended)
  • Apply Mela-Prep Lotion (if recommended)
  • Mix equal parts of serum A & B and massage into the skin
  • Follow with your AVST/C-Quence Vitamin A Moisturiser
  • Apply SPF over the top in the morning
  • Apply morning and evening


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Environ Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade Serum System (2 x 30ml)